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Services at a Glance


YBM has published more than 12,000 language study titles, several of which have sold millions of copies. Recently, we have emerged as a major content provider for new media by producing, distributing, and selling content in technology-based formats.

Testing Services

YBM has been administering the TOEIC test since it was introduced to Korea in 1982. The TOEIC Speaking and TOEIC Writing tests, introduced in 2006, continue to grow in importance. In addition to these and other language proficiency tests, YBM also administers several IT certification exams.

Education Services

YBM currently serves the needs of language learners of all ages and proficiency levels. We provide learners with a broad variety of English language study programs, including test preparation courses and joint programs with overseas universities.

Digital Content and E-learning Services

YBM NET, a subsidiary of YBM, specializes in digital content services. The company takes advantage of YBM’s vast library of content to produce an assortment of digital products such as AI(Artificial Intelligence)-powered Speakers, electronic dictionaries and online study programs. YBM NET also excels in the development of technology for language study and testing.

Cartoon Character Business

YBM B&C has been commissioned by Turner Entertainment Networks Korea to handle copyright management, licensing, and merchandising for Cartoon Network original programs and their cartoon characters since its establishment in 2012.


YBM launched CNN the Biz in 2011 and YBM Academy in 2016 to meet Koreans’ growing needs for business meeting and training facilities. CNN the Biz provides premium meeting facilities with an array of essential communication and presentation equipment. YBM Academy is the leading professional facility in Korea for educational events, workshops, or student camps.

Social Services

YBM established the International Communication Foundation (ICF), a nonprofit cultural foundation, in 1982. Since then, the ICF has supported the advancement of Korean literary works abroad and promoted Korean literature and culture to the world with the goals of globalizing Korean literature and furthering international exchange.